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May 26, 2023



          Take that which I have given unto you, this day, and make of it a shining light of gratitude in all you do.  For, today you have the opportunity to create, a creation of all that you bring forth from your thought.  So, do not limit your creations, today.  Let them flow, and let them soar, so you might have such faith as never before, knowing you are My co-creator, and creation continues through you.  Go forth and let that which you bring to life sing, of the glory of its creation.  The day is with you.  Create.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           With the coming of the day there is the coming of the celebration of creation, not just what you see around you, already in place, created of the thought of God, but what you shall bring into creation, today.  Some, of your creation, will be unseen, as you bring forth gifts of love, forgiveness, compassion, joy.  But you will see the result of your unseen creations as they live, within you and others you touch.  Outward signs of unseen creations are around you.  Go forth and find the signs.  Celebrate each sign, as you are experiencing the unseen miracle of the creation.