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May 25, 2023



          Breathe in the air around you, draw it deep within.  Bless each breath you take.  Oh, see the world around you, as a sacred place.  Let joy fill your being with the love of the Earth, Earth so abundant, so rich, so sustaining of the human race.  She gives, so you might eat, and breathe, and live.  I too sustain you as you live upon the Earth.  But as the Earth sustains a physical body, which will fail and fall away, I sustain an eternal body, one which will live forever.  I send, to you, My grace.  I touch your heart, with My love, and caress you, with My breath.  Living waters hold you, lifting you from the ordinary, suspended within extraordinary love, until angel voices call you Home.  Until that time, My child, look around and see the beautiful garden I have given thee.  Look and see.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Let every breath you take this day be a prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving.