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May 24, 2023


There is power in the peaceful presence.  And to have a peaceful presence you must practice, and a vital component, of your daily practice, must be forgiveness.  A litany of forgiveness, coming from your heart, must be spoken, every day.  And as this practice slips into your being, and stays there, you begin to experience true peace.  For, one cannot experience the wholeness, and the richness, of peace until all things are forgiven, by you.  And that includes yourself.  The forgiveness is not just for what others might do or have done.  Forgive yourself for every situation which became an issue.  Once you begin this forgiveness, this litany of names, and situations, it will become natural to you to do.  And with the forgiveness, your breath is deeper, your lungs are cleaner, and you are blessing all around you, with the peaceful presence that has become you, you the peaceful presence.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           There might come with the intention a bit of hesitation.  Those around you might say, you have every right to be upset with the way you were treated.  Very few will encourage you to go to a place which is quiet and serene, and forgive, no matter what has happened, no matter what has been done to you, no matter what you might have done, or intend to do.  Forgive yourself.  Forgive all others.  Forgive the situation, and wipe the slate clean, with your forgiveness, because it is often those people, and those situations, which bring you the gift of wisdom.  Learn from all that has happened in your lifetime.  Learn most from the slips and the falls and the tumbles into darkness and shadow.  As you rise-up, remember, so you might recall, this wisdom lesson, which is held within the fall.  A peaceful presence holds the gift of wisdom.