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May 23, 2023


          Just as the majestic mountains rise-up to meet the sky, welcoming rain, and sun, I say unto you, rise-up.  Just as the vast oceans ebb and flow, moving with the moon, kissed by its light, set down a glowing path upon the waters, I say unto you, set down a path of light.  Just as the birds of the air fly, and soar, and sing a song, witnessing the glory of all creation, I say unto you, fly, and soar, and sing.  Rise-up, set down a path of light, fly, and soar, and sing, for I have given you everything you need to experience life upon Earth, and to do so in joy.  Rise-up and sing.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           The rivers and waterways make the journey to the sea.  They do not question when the waters are high, or low, they go, moving as directed by the flow.  No matter whether the current is rushing or slow, they go onward to the sea.  Their path is set, eventually they find their way, and empty out into the sea, being one with the sea.  The path is set before you, rise-up and go, being one with everything God created.  Sing of the glory of creation, as you make your way to the sea.  Be.