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May 22, 2023


          Come, touch My hand, and sit with Me, today.  I will remind you   of that which you have forgotten, and the mist will disappear, and that, which seemed hidden from you, will be seen by you with clarity and in light.  What do you see?  Look closely, and it will be much like what you see every day, of your life upon Earth.  It will be similar but will hold the light more fully, so that all things shimmer, reflecting, revealing.  And, within the shimmering of all creation, your soul will touch your spirit and your heart, and the whisper will rise-up from within you, “See, and remember.  See, and know.”  My daughter, My son, it is all with you now.  But to see, with clarity, you must look, with the eyes of your soul.  You must be willing to look beyond the surface, and go to the core of the trees, and the rocks, and the flowers.  Yes, all these, and much more.  Throw open the door, which is waiting to reveal that which rests beyond the glance, and the recognition.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           When revelation encircles thee, you will gasp and mutter.  Awe will overtake your body, and your heart will flutter, as the reality of eternal life, held within The Light of God, settles within your spirit, echoing The Song of One.  It is then you will remember.  It is then you will know.