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May 29, 2022



      Into the constant days of sadness, there will come a Light.  And The Light will fight back the sorrow, with its shining glory.  The Light cannot be denied; and the shadows, and the darkness, soon fall, because The Light is so bright.  And this Light, that invades the constant days of sadness, will come from small groups of people, gathered, in all parts of the world.  They gathered, together, because they would not give up the faith, they would give up the trust, they would not give up the hope.  And because they would not give up, they held The Light, amongst themselves, while others withered, and crawled, in shadow, and darkness, fearing the days of sadness.  When times of sadness, or sorrow, are looming over you, like a dark cloud, hiding The Light of The Son, do not give up your faith, do not give up your trust, and hope, do not cease using The Gifts of compassion, and love. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When someone is in the grips, of sadness or sorrow, the one thing, that each of you can do, is to love them, because the energy of love counters the energy of sadness, and the energy of sorrow.  Love them.  Put your arms around them, and let them feel, your love for them.  And soon, they will rise-up, out of the shadows of sadness, out of the darkness of sorrow, into The Light of Love, which you provided, in the time of need.