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May 29, 2022



      “I AM with you.  Of this, you can be sure, I AM with you.  Sometimes, you will be left, standing alone, by friends, even family.  In those times, I AM with you.  Sometimes, not one person will knock, upon your door; and, in those times, I AM with you.  There will also be times, when there will be much celebration, and song, and laughter; and, in those times, I AM with you.  For, I AM with you, and My presence is constant.  All you need do, is to welcome Me, and My presence, abiding with you.      


          “Sometimes, during the course, of human life, upon the Earth, there is a season of sadness.  And during these times, this sadness seems to envelope cities, states, even entire countries.  It is difficult to shake it off because it has an impact on everyone, or at least, almost everyone.  There will always be individuals, who refuse to be taken down, by shadow and darkness.  The reason that they are so steadfast, in this position, is that they know The Light is within them.  And so, their reality is, ‘Since I am bearing The Light of God, within me, there shall be no darkness, or shadow.’  And this is how they live.  They do not fall victim to the threats, that bring on the sadness and sorrow, because they are convinced, and know, they hold the answer, which will illuminate the darkness, and shadow, of sadness, and sorrow.  Their faith is that strong.  Their courage that deep.  Their strength is God.

           “Seek out such people, when you are tempted, to sadness, or sorrow, because to each lifetime there comes this challenge.  But to those who know, the challenge is an opportunity to permit The Light, within them, to shine so brightly that others too might see, and know, there is The Light.  And that, which is revealed, by The Light, greatly diminishes the shadow, and darkness.  And, the grip of sadness, and sorrow, slowly releases the victims, as they sit in The Light of God.

           “When you are tempted, to be moved, into sadness, and sorrow, remember The Light, within you.  If necessary, seek out one or many, who talk of The Light, within them, who speak of The Light, within them, who know The Light of God, is within them.  And this, is why, they do not fall.  Remember, these words, hold them close to you, and know.  You are The Light.  You are The Light, unto the world.  Rise-up, even though your knees, might be shaking; because the taller you stand, with The Light, you feel the courage, and strength, and might, of God, within you, grow.  And there you are, a beacon on a hill, shining forth to break open the shadow, and darkness, and return The Light.”


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