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May 29, 2023


          I want you to understand how diversity is unity.  So, to do this, I give you an example.  In your mind’s eye, envision a large ring, similar to a very narrow rim of a wheel, a wheel.  And now, take every nationality, every creed, every color, every language, every belief, everything; take an example of each of the peoples upon the Earth, and set them in place, on the wheel; and notice the colorful wheel, as the banners, from each nation, each creed, each color, look and see how now the wheel is filled with various colors.  It is a thing of beauty, all represented in this massive wheel.  And now, with your breath, exhale, blowing upon the wheel, until it begins to spin, faster, and faster, and faster.  It is the wheel of humanity, and look at it.  The color of it, you cannot define.  There are no words to define that which you are seeing, as the wheel of humanity spins.  It is unity.  It is communion.  It is community.  It is Me, My creation, spinning as one, individual, not denying your unique individuality, but connecting it, in unity, with that which I created.  No matter how different the colors might be, as they are represented, on that wheel of humanity, when they are spinning together, as one wheel, the color cannot be defined.

And The Holy Spirit say:

           Examples of unity are all around you.  Look and see.  You do not have to give up your unique being to be united with all beings.  You just have to look deeper, beyond yourself.  Go within yourself, and you will know.  For, I will teach you, as you will grow, and you will come to understand, not only the oneness of The Creation of God, but you will understand the oneness of God in God’s creation, all one.  Be at peace.