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May 30, 2023


          Come to Me, this day.  We have much to see, and much to say.  Do not think there is no time, for just a few minutes will open the door, to that which I wish to say to you.  You make time for that which is special, important to you.  That is all I AM asking you to do.  Make time for us, you and Me, today.  There is a gift I wish to give unto thee.  It is the gift of serenity, and it will fill you in a most peaceful way.  It will lead you to a slower pace, so you can live, within each moment which comes to thee.  Turn your head from the world, for just this time, and you will see the sacred and sublime.  Hear My whisper, it is calling you.  So, come sit with Me, today.

And The Holy Spirit say:

           The world can distract you, so easily.  There is so much to do, so much stimulation.  But there is a place of still, quiet waters, within you.  And it is there, at that sacred pool, where I do wait.  I wait to satisfy your hunger and sate your thirst.  The waters of the pool will wash the dreariest of days away, until you are clean, and clear, as to what to say, as you walk upon the Earth, this day.