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May 31, 2023


          Let My grace flow through you to others this day.  Do not give in to anger, or distrust.  Open your arms and heart and love today.  My grace will make it possible for you to do.  Listen to that which I whisper from within you, and you will know The Way to love this day.  Give every stranger a smile.  Give every known one a greeting, which says, “I love you.”  Do not hold back.  Let your day be consumed by the energy of love.  For, the energy of love is the energy of creation, and it will continue creation, as love moves gently and sweetly, through your day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Everything around you might catch your eye with its beauty.  But what is the one particular thing which brings you to stop what you are doing, and just be, in the glory of that which you see?  When you are held within the beauty, breathe in deeply, and exhale your blessing onto the communion, that sacred time when you stopped, and looked, and loved something divine.