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May 4, 2023

Upon the gentle vibration of My whisper, I come.  Out of the unseen, I come, calling your name, as it is only you to whom I come.  To each of you, only, I come.  For when you answer, and we meet, within the vibration, of my call, My love for you, it is then, you remember, and know, we are one.  We are One.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Breathe in the vibration of God’s love for you.  Let the breath remain within, animating, your lungs, and cells, until it is time to release, the newly co-created energy, to the Earth.  Let every breath you take be a communion, a sacred union, with The Creator of All Things.  For, The Creator of All Things created you, and loves you, as one.  All Things, created by the thought of God, stream forth from The Love of God, eternally united as One.




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