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May 3, 2023



          When all things fail, and whatever you do seems to come to no avail, be still and come to Me.  Do not come with lists, and petitions, of what you think you need.  For, I have greater plans for thee.  It is all prepared for thee.  Your cries, of anxiety, rise-up from a place of doubt and fear, refusing to release, clinging to your “what might have beens.”  But, My child, I know what waits for you around the bend, beyond the gloom of doubt, beyond the den, of fear.  Your prayers, your petitions, spring forth from a tearful unknowing, for you cannot ask for that which you do not know.  So, come to Me, and I will show you The Way, and in the seeing will come the knowing.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           We are going on a journey, but there is no need to pack a bag, or take any of your belongings.  Leave them behind, and come with Me.  For, the weight of the past will only burden thee.  Our journey will be light, swift, and carefree.  Come, without hesitation, doubt, or fear.  You are not traveling alone, for I AM always near.  We are going into the unknown, where you can take just a peek, so you might see, and know, there is no need for fear.  Once you take the first step, doubt will disappear because you will have entered the realm of a new day, and see it is all set before you.  Look, and see.  Listen, and hear.  Follow, and know.


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