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May 2, 2023


          Hear Me in the wind, for it moves by My hand.  Be comforted by Me in the warmth of the sun, for it was set in the Heaven by My thought.  Be nurtured by Me in the foods of the Earth, for she lives and sustains you, as was My desire.  Breathe in the oxygen, held within the air encircling you, for the green kingdom of Earth is willing, and noble, and constant, to serve you, as was My plan.  Reach-out, and take My hand, for today is the day we walk together over the land.  I will show you all that came to be, all that flowed into being from Me.  You will look and you will see, and in the seeing, come to know Me.  For all of nature is as I AM.  It is set in place for you to know, and in the knowing grow, in truth and wisdom of My loving you so.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           All of Earth is The Garden of Heaven, created by the thought and the word of God.  She is magnificent in her ability to sustain life, to create, and recreate, to reveal, and conceal, to release, and to hold.  She is humble in being, and bold in her intention to sustain life, as she was created to do so.  As you hold the hand of God, and move over Mother Earth, tend her as would the hand of God, knowing her worth; then, watch her, as she unfolds, and reveals The Face of God.