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November 1, 2021


      When times are difficult, when the storms are upon you, you pray, and you pray, fervently, for help.  When days are good, and the sun is shining, use those days to create the energies of thanksgiving, and gratitude, and fill your heart with thanksgiving, and gratitude.  When you are thankful, when you are grateful, for what you have, that energy, that grows within you, fuels you, and protects you, when the storms do come, and the waters, of the river, do rise.  Hold thanksgiving, and gratitude, in your heart, and through your eyes, you will see, as I see.  Through your ears, you will hear, as I hear.  And your lips will pronounce the words, all others wish to hear.  “Thank you.”  “I appreciate you.”  “I am grateful for what you are doing.”  It is a sweet song to hear.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Teach those around you to be thankful, and grateful, by being the example.  Be thankful, be grateful, and be so with words, with actions.  Do not hold it within you, whispering how thankful you are, how grateful you are.  Say it aloud, so others might hear, what it sounds like to be thankful, what it sounds like to be grateful.  And let it shine-out, in all you do, so others can see, what it is like to be thankful, to be grateful.  Be the living example for thankful, for grateful.  And this will grow, within you, and you will not long, so much, for that which you do not have.  But the song will be of thanksgiving, and gratitude, for what you do have.  Practice the art of being thankful, and grateful, today.