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October 31, 2021



      I wish for you to go deeper, in your relationship, with Me.  I love you.  Do not leave Me.  I love you.  Feed our relationship, with attention.  You make time, once a week, maybe more, to go to church, or a service, or a meeting, or a gathering, and join others, in speaking of Me, and speaking of those, who come to life, in the pages of the Old and the New Testament.  You do these things, and you sing.  And then, you leave that place, close the door, and go about your daily life.  I want you to spend more time, with Me, not singing, not talking, not praying, just sitting, quietly, with Me, with your eyes closed, an indication of your inward journey, and listen, and see, what is revealed to thee.  I AM waiting.  Make time for Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The deeper you go, into a relationship, of any kind, the richer that relationship becomes.  You know more.  You engage more.  You go deeper, and deeper, until you feel the relationship, as it is alive.  It is real.  This is the type of relationship, that you can have, with The Creator of All Things, with God, a relationship that will grow, and feed, and sustain you.  In this relationship, you no longer are caught-up with doubt, or worry, or concern.  The relationship, enfolds you, and it grows, and you feel it, and you know, that relationship, you have with God, is real.  It lives.