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October 31, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I reach-out for you, and you feel My presence, with you.  The air, about you, is charged.  It is alive, because we are communicating, and it is the chamber of our communication.  Waves of grace flow all around you, and into you, and through you, as you acknowledge My presence.  As you speak My name, and I whisper yours, we are one.                      


      “A relationship, of any kind, can wither, and fade, if it is not nourished, with attention and intention, with love, respect, kindness, with a presence, with a coming together, with going deeper, into that relationship.

     “When you are walking around, outside, you might see an interesting rock, a rather large rock, on the ground.  But it calls to you, in such a way, that you stoop down, and look at it, getting to know it a little bit better.  And then, there is that moment, when you feel you want to, lift-up the rock, and see, what is underneath.  You want to go deeper, and you see.  You see earth worms, little bugs, maybe a sail, bits and pieces, of the bottom of the rock, that have joined the soil.  Then, you gently replace the rock.  In that few minutes, you saw the rock, acknowledged it, but you went deeper.  And now, you know what is beneath the rock.

      “You can visit another country, and stay in a hotel, isolating yourself, from all the people around you, except to go see certain sights, and monuments.  So, you see the surface of the country.  But for those who are interested in really going deeper, into that energy, of that county, you meet natives, you meet the people, who live in that country.  You are blessed, by an invitation, to their home, and you sit, and you laugh, and you begin to understand, better.  You have gone deeper, into the country, into the heart of the individuals, living in that country.  And this going deeper, brings you a different relationship, with that country.

      “You can plant a garden.  Purchase plants, or save them from seeds, seeds that come from the fruits, or the vegetables, that you have eaten.  You can dig a hole, and put your plant in it, or spread some earth and sprinkle your seeds there.  But if you want to go deeper, you can begin to study.  What is the best nutrient to add to the soil?  What is the best plant that would be good for this plant?  Should it be in sun, or shade?  How much water should it have?  What is the soil?  Does it need to be tended, and raked?  You learn all these things about the garden, because you wish to go deeper.  And the result is a healthier garden, a stronger garden, a garden that can bring beautiful fragrance to the air, or feed your friends, and family, with the vegetables, and fruits, that are there.  It yields more, it gives more, because you were willing to go deeper.

      “Take that attitude with your relationship with God.  Go deeper than attending services.  Go deeper than singing songs.  Go deeper than studying books.  Go deeper, in your relationship, with God.  It is important to make time, every day, to sit, quietly, not to speak, not to sing, not to pray for something, just sit, and let God touch you, with what you need, not what you think you need, not what is on your list to pray for, but what you truly need.  Go deeper, in your relationship, with God.”