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October 30, 2021



      Every day you live, you are writing another page, in your book of lessons learned.  It is your book of wisdom.  And while you cannot see the book, or turn the page, you are writing it on the hallways of your heart, in the chamber of your spirit, in the sanctity of your soul.  There is a book, which soon will be read, and soon will be told, about all you learned, during your lifetime, upon Earth.  And some, of those things, that you regret doing, are your teachers.  Instead of staying in a state of regret, about something you have done, use that situation, as a lesson, something you learned, that is not to be done, or to be done, however that lesson turned-out.  Instead of regretting it, learn from it, and let it become a pearl of wisdom.  Your book of wisdom, the lessons of your life, has great value.  Do not skip from day to day, paying no attention to what has come to you, in the form of lessons.  Spend time with it.  Look at it, and see, the opportunity, to grow, in wisdom.  Do not regret it, learn from it.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       While the book of your lifetime, upon Earth, might not be seen by others, you carry it within you.  It is the wisdom you hold within you.  Where once you might have done something, without regard for the impact it might have on you, or others, because you have the book within you, you refrain from doing that, which you might once have done.  You learn from these falls, tumbles, missteps.  They are of great value.  Do not regret them.  Learn from them.