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October 29, 2021



      Every harsh judgment you make, regarding yourself, or another, or others, is as a nail, being hammered into your feet, so you cannot move.  Each judgmental pronouncement you make, regarding yourself, or another, or others, is the same.  And one after another, you make judgments, in this name, or that name, or upon yourself, and soon you are so firmly nailed in place, you cannot move.  And then, there come the chains of judgment.  And they attach themselves to you, one after another.  There is no forward progress.  You are stagnant, and still, in a well-like, constructed, judgmental jail.  Free yourself, so that you can move forward.  Free yourself, of the burden.  All judgments fall from you, all things you said can be blessed.  Take them as a lesson.  Break the chains.  Pull the nails from your shoes, and begin to move, by blessing, rather than cursing, in the ways of judgment.  Judgment has not been given unto you; therefore, it is not yours to use.  Begin, forgive, and do it with such a willing heart, that the chains pop, and fly from you, and the nails pull themselves from your shoes.  Let you heart be filled with forgiveness, and you will change.  You will be free.  You will move forward, to complete your destiny.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Falling, into the rut of judgment, is easy.  It is easy to slip down the sides, and into the rut.  And there you are.  It is what you know.  It is what you do.  And it is easy to know, and to do.  But today, climb out of that rut, and send judgment away from you, so that you might be free, so you might see, and know.  Yet, you might see, and know, and bless.  There were teachings, to love your enemy.  There were teachings, to bless those who curse you.  Use these examples, as you way to a new day, without judgment.  It serves no good purpose.  Forgive, and live.