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November 10, 2022



      Look all around you today.  Tell Me what you see.  Start the conversation, between the dimensions, for I AM with you.  Start the conversation, by talking to Me, of what you see, from the grandest, to the smallest, and ask the questions that come to thee.  And I will answer you.  And we will spend the day, in this way, you, describing creation, to Me, as seen through your eyes, and asking the questions, which might arise.  And then, listening, so I might teach thee.  It will be day of harmony, between you and Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not just step over the surprising dandelion, you find at your feet.  Sit, on the grass, and look at it, and tell God about it.  How do you feel about it, this encounter, with the bright yellow dandelion?  And then, ask any question that you would like to know the answer to, about the dandelion.  Forget the questions that are more theological debate matters.  Go to the simplest, whatever is at your feet, or whatever is perched on a branch near you.  Go small.  Sit with it.  Ask the questions.  Receive the answers.  Grow in your understanding, and in your communion, with God.