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November 11, 2022



      There is no place you can go that I AM not there.  For, I AM with you.  It is time to experience My presence, with you, in a personal way.  Do not hesitate to awaken, to new understanding, to new teaching of how we are one, how we are together, how I AM with you.  And when you reach this acknowledgement, this realization, your experience with Me, will be different, for each of you, because it is personal.  It is not one gift blankets all the same.  It is all gifts are given to those who require these gifts to complete their mission.  And the gifts are not the same.  How you communicate with Me will be different for each one of you.  For some will see pictures, and visions.  Some will dream dreams and receive visitations.  Others will write.  Some will draw.  Some will feel.  But The Presence will be with you.  And it can be from the outside, of your body, as loud as a lion’s roar.  And the call can be quiet, as the still, small voice, within you.  It is personal.  I AM inviting you to take My hand, and make it personal, for you, because it is personal for Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you truly believe the things you are saying about angels guiding, and guarding, you, My Spirit filling you with wisdom, and leading you where you are to go, Jesus being an example for you, knowing that you can do everything He did, and even greater things, and with the confidence that God is within you, the way you walk is different, the way you talk is different.  You walk into the day, without hesitation, at all.  You are an entourage.  You are in the midst of beings, who are truly enlightened.  And they are leading you to a place of enlightenment.  Do not miss this opportunity, as you walk, upon the Earth, to do so as an enlightened being.