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November 12, 2022



      Be still.  Be vigilant.  Do not be so quick to demand that others believe the way, that you believe.  Do not insist that your way is the only right way, because we have already established that, when you have connected with Me, in a personal way, your questions will be answered, specifically for you.  So, do not run, from here to there, trying to convince others that what you are doing, is the way they should be doing.  Tend to your own affairs.  Keep your own counsel.  Do as you are guided to do.  This is The Way for you to find peace, not meddling in the spiritual affairs of others, but creating a beautiful space, within yourself, that encourages others to do as they are led to do, go where they are led to go, and say what they are led to say, for them.  Each one doing your part.  Each one preparing The Way.  Each one united, so that each one is a divine piece of The One, The Whole.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When a tapestry has begun, and the hand is pulling the different threads up and down, over the canvas, the threads do not argue that the purple one should be red, or that the red one should be yellow, or that the yellow should be a shade of gold.  The threads work together, as they are guided, by the hand, to create the tapestry.  And each one is a piece, each color is important.  Without the variances there would be no picture on the tapestry.  It would be solid, one color, one thread.  But the living tapestry, being created by The Hand of God, pulls all into the tapestry, living, living eternally.  And The Hand of God knows The Way of each strand, each thread.  And as it becomes complete, The Hand of God moves over the tapestry, the living tapestry, and pronounces it good.