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November 13, 2022



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you in all ways, and I AM with you: so that you might walk in the light always; so that you might see, and not fall, or stumble in darkness.  Do not turn your face from Me.  Do not hide from Me, for I AM with you to bring you The Light.                                           


       “Do not believe when others tell you, you are of little value, that your deeds are evil, your words, lies.  I tell you, not one of your accusers see you as God sees you.  So, turn from the faultfinders, and listen to The Whisper, from within you, for it is The Holy Spirit of God.  God knows you and loves you.  God shines The Light upon you, and sees the eternal you, as a cherished one.

      “When I walked upon the Earth, there were so many who turned their face, hid their eyes, covered their mouth, cowered in the shadows of corners and alleyways.  These I sought, to bring them light, to show The Way.  While those who had much to give, gave nothing to those they considered outcasts, and pariahs, except for disdain, judgment, and ridicule, I sat with the rejects of society, and proclaimed a new way, of love, charity, and respect for all God’s creation.  And as we walked, and talked, together, we came to know each other, on a personal level.  God seeks personal relationship, with you.  As was sought then, it is sought, now.  Do not turn away because you have been inundated with energies such as guilt, and shame.  Be still, and sit with God, for God is with you, and near to you, and loves you, unconditionally.

      “God is waiting.  Will you come?”