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November 13, 2022



      Understand the importance of living lightly, light of spirit, light of soul, light of body, light of possessions.  Do not spread a banquet table, honoring fear, and doubt, and confusion, for these energies are heavy, and will weigh you down.  When you are tempted to live with guilt, remorse, anger, stop, and sit with Me.  Come as you are.  And when we meet, you will be surprised to feel these things slip from you.  I AM love, and within the embrace of love, there is light.  And within the light, there is peace.  Peace, I give to you.  Now, create peace, and give it to others, as I have given it unto you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       The world decided to trick you, and your ego accepted the arrangement, and you began to live in isolation, separate from all that existed around you.  Once the isolation, the feeling of being alone, settled into your being, in slipped guilt, fear, doubt, and so many other heavy energies.  Not long, after that, there came an overwhelming feeling of unworthiness.  You do not have to live with the weight of the world draped over you.  Freedom is within The Light of God, within The Love of God.  The entire universe is waiting to embrace you, and proclaim your presence, in all your glory.  Sit quietly, and you will hear the song.  It is majestic, and it is about you.