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November 10, 2023


          The abyss of anger leads one to deeper channels of despair, going on and on, spiraling downward, into the depths of darkness.  These words sound ominous.  They are meant to be.  Be still and hear Me.  Turn your head from anger and listen to My words.  If you will be quiet, My words will wash you, cleansing all debris away, until you feel the grip of anger loosen, then release.  Do not permit hatred to mar your being.  Anger does not come from Me.  It is tempting you farther and farther away, burying you under the burden of anger.  I will show you The Way, and you shall be freed from the bondage of anger, to hate no more, only to love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Holding onto anger is as if you are clutching the tail of a dragon, dragging it up every hill that is yours to climb, being chased by it as it follows you down the other side.  Release the tail of the dragon, and be free to be, just as you are meant to be.