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November 9, 2023


          Would you have the sun to rise in a different way?  Would you have the moon to set its course other than it is?  Then know this.  I would not have you rise any other way.  I would not have you set your course in any other way.  You are created of Me.  You have been given free will.  Choose the way you rise.  Choose the course you wish to traverse.  Be you, and all the glory that is within you.  I love you.  I sent you forth to do, not to stagnate in doubt.  Walk into the new day, knowing who you are.  You are of Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Where there is doubt, there is fear.  Sit with Me, and we will obliterate doubt so you might be free to be as you are created to be.  You will be free to live without fear.