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November 12, 2023


          Allow your heart to lead you away from shadowy energies, which fly about, tempting you to gossip, anger, retaliation, and other such energies.  When you speak ill of another, you begin to think less of yourself.  When you are prone to anger or retaliation, your inner landscape responds to the energy, and soon your physical body emulates your inner body.  The result can be weakened places, where sickness can take up spaces, which once were healthy and vibrant.  Let your practice be to only speak good of others.  Close the door on anger and thoughts of retaliation.  Guard your spiritual and physical body.  Know the value and worth you are.  Be vigilant and let My light shine through all you do.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Creating time for a spiritual practice, every day, requires a desire to do so.  When the desire stirs within you, follow, as it is the path to wisdom.