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November 14, 2023


          When you are playing a team sport, and the game is taking place on the field, you are in the midst of all that is happening on the field.  You see what is happening around you, and react quickly, when given the opportunity.  Your sight is limited to the game taking place, as you play the role assigned to you.  The spectators watch from their seats in the stands.  They can see the entire field of play when you cannot.  You make decisions based on what you see around you, often without benefit of seeing what is taking place several feet from you.  You do the best you can, at the time of the play.  And your best depends on how much you have practiced the moves and remember the plays.  It is the same with your everyday life.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Often you are called to make decisions in response to what is happening around you.  Many times, the choice is made immediately, without benefit of additional information.  You make the best decision you can, at the time.  And your best depends on how much you have practiced seeking answers from within, and remembering the times when you have asked, and received.  When you set a daily spiritual practice, and follow through each day, you strengthen your spiritual muscles.  You are better prepared to meet the challenges of the day, with confidence that I AM within you, whispering the words, showing The Way.