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November 18, 2021


Sit by a river, or a stream, and watch, and you will soon see objects, such as a leaf, or a stick, flow with the river, ride the stream.  But you will also see some objects held in a place where the water is still, not moving, while other objects, are caught-up on rocks, branches, or debris, which have fallen into the water, curtailing forward progress.  As you observe what is happening, you might find they remind you of yourself, or others you know.  Make sure that you ride with the stream, flow with the river, go where you need to go, without being hindered, or distracted, and pulled to the side, stagnant, for a while, or caught-up on an obstacle.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Keep your focus.  The living water, of God’s grace, and love, flows, and the flow is constant, fluid.  The water flows where it is to go, and if you are within the living water, you will be carried within God’s flow.  The living waters, that God sends to you, are meant to take you where you need to be, so that you might do all you are meant to do.