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November 17, 2021



      Let the ways of kindness, compassion, and love, mark you, stamp your life, be what you show to others, through your deeds.  Permit Me to love you, fully, and completely, by removing all the obstacles you have built in the way.  Let My kindness, compassion, and love, for you, fill you.  And, as it passes through you, allow it to flow to others, through you; for, it is in this way that others might know Me, through what they see, in you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you know The Ways of God, it is not important, to you, to command, or demand, or coerce, others, into doing, as you do, thinking, as you think, speaking, as you speak.  When you know The Ways of God, you are content, knowing: that God loves all the children upon Earth; that I AM within, and will guide, from within.  In this way, this knowing, this personal, strong relationship, you have established, with God, The Creator of All Things, will lead you to know that you must love first; you must be kind, and compassionate, first; and, leave the rest to The One, Who knows best.  Leave the rest to God.