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November 16, 2021


      Do not take the people you love, your current situation, or circumstance, or the environment around you, for granted, expecting all things to stay the same.  This is rarely true, for growth requires change.  Enjoy the people you love.  Enjoy your current situation, and circumstances, the environment around you.  Celebrate every day, that comes your way, with the people you love.  Then, as the normal, and natural, flow of change, takes place, and weaves itself, in and out, of the people you love, the circumstances, situations, and environment, in which you find yourself, embrace the change.  Do not expect anything.  Celebrate everything.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When everything, in your life, is moving smoothly, the people you love, love you, your circumstances, and situation, is as you would have it to be, and the environment is pleasant, celebrate, each minute, each hour, of the day.  Make gratitude and thanksgiving welcomed companions.  Walk with them, every day.  Push aside expectations.  Reject the temptation to take people, circumstances, situations, and the environment around you, for granted.  Let gratitude and thanksgiving replace expectation.