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November 15, 2021



      I have made provision for you, each, and everyone, of you.  For the entire time, you walk upon the Earth, there is a plan.  And My plan is brighter, and more glorious than that, which you can imagine.  Here, take My hand, and let us walk through the provisions that I have made for you.  Each step, along The Way, is already set in place.  You will not be lost, or wander, in darkness, holding My hand, knowing The Way, walking within the provision I have made for you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Cast aside the temptation to worry so much, for God loves you.  And held within that love, at the core of that love, at the very essence of that love, is where God has made provision for you, not only during the time you are living in the place that is divine, in The Dimension of Perfection, you often call Heaven, but during the time you walk, upon the Earth, as well.  God has a Divine Plan for you, and in it is included all that you might do, through your entire lifetime, so that you might live joyfully, worry-free, carefree, holding the hand of God, living, abundantly.