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November 14, 2021



      Free yourself from worry, and concern, by addressing that, which is calling-out, for your attention.  If there is something, that needs addressing, now, do it, now.  Do not push it in a corner.  Do not say you will do it tomorrow.  If it is calling, answer with your attention.  And then, there will be no worry, or concern, about something, that has been left undone.  Do not trouble your heart, with fear, or doubt.  Do not cloud your spirit, and your vision, with anger, or frustration.  Stand, and be clear, on that, which is to be done, by addressing, that which comes to you.  A thought, that races, through your mind, is as if someone is tapping you, on the shoulder, saying, “Pay attention.  This needs your attention”.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When thoughts of shadow, and darkness, jump into your mind, refusing to leave you, no matter how much you try to rid yourself of them, it is a sign.  These things need addressing.  They are calling for your attention.  And unlike the ones who are inviting you to do something, which needs to be done, these temptations, into shadow, and darkness, are offering the opportunity for you to practice what you know, about ridding yourself of these energies, and keeping so.  For you cannot have clarity, of vision, when, within you, there are storms of shadow, and darkness.  These things need your attention, too.  But they require something different of you.  They require that you address them by practicing all that you know.  Once you have addressed issues, matters, things, which need to be done, such as writing a letter, making a phone call, completing a project, you feel confidence and at peace.  And when you take care of these shadowy energies, popping into your thoughts, ruling your mind, then you are free, from worry, and concern, because the shadow, and darkness, is not plaguing you, or clouding your vision, stealing your clarity.  Address all, which needs to be done, today.  And do it, in a confident way, for that, which comes to you, is yours to do.