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November 14, 2021



      “I AM with you.  If the sun is shining, upon your face, I AM with you.  If the rain is falling, upon your face, I AM with you.  If there is a smile, upon your face, I AM with you.  And if tears roll down your face, I AM with you.  No matter what you are facing, today, I AM with you.  Come, let us do, what today brings to you, and let us do it, together.                        

“We have talked, many times, about procrastination.  And each time I have urged you to address that, which you are pushing in a corner, or saving for tomorrow, or another day.  I bring to you a reminder.  Do, what comes to you, what is calling-out, for your attention, because these thoughts, that are moving through your head, are a prompting, are a sign, that there is something you need to do.  And this something will plague you, until it is addressed, until you have done it, until it is finished, and complete.  And when I speak to you, of finishing, and completing, something, which needs your attention, I AM not only addressing these projects that you have not finished, yet, I AM also addressing the temptations, that come to you, from shadow, and darkness.  I AM addressing all things, that pop into your head, or move around in your thoughts, because you need to have them in order.  You need to be vigilant, so you are not crowded, because this crowding, of the undone the unfinished, the uncompleted, prevents you from leading a peaceful life.  It can actually bring fear, or doubt, worry, and concern to you, as well. 

      “It is important to rid yourself, immediately, of thoughts of darkness, and shadow, of these temptations, leading you away from The Light.  Do not push them aside, and think they will go away, on their own, because they will not.  They will hide, under a blanket, waiting; and then, at the appropriate time, they will jump into your thoughts, again.  And if the issue is not attended to, they will return to their hiding, until they want to tempt you, again.

      “Begin today, to finish the projects, that need addressing.  Begin today, to make that phone call, that is long overdue.  Begin today, to do all, that is in front of you, to do, one at a time.  But do not go into this day without ridding yourself of the temptations, the spirits of anger, the spirits of envy, the spirits of jealousy, the spirits of hated.  Rid yourself of these things, immediately, because that, too, is yours to do.  Once it is done, you will walk in the rain, you will walk in the sun; and you will be free, and at peace, because worry, concern, anxiety, and fear, will not live in your heart, will not be near.  Do not put off for tomorrow, that which can be done today.  Pay attention to the signs, as they come your way.”