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November 13, 2021



      No matter how much the world tried to convince you that I do not exist, I do.  And just because it is said, many times, that I do not exist, I do.  The reason you cannot be dissuaded from knowing, I exist, is that you know it, within your soul, and your spirit.  And what you know cannot be taken from you.  I love you.  I do exist, and all you need do, is look at nature, and My creation, all around you, and you will see, the majesty, and it will always confirm your knowing, that I love, and so do you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       What you know, within, your soul, your spirit celebrates, from the birth until you are growing old.  It does not change, because it is the piece of God, that is, within you.  And when you do not cover it up, or hide it, or are fearful, or doubt, you might stack, dust, and debris, over The Spirit, over the piece of God, over All That Is, and continues to be in eternity.  But it cannot go away.  It is with you.  It is the piece of God, with you, and it is with you, today.