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November 2, 2023



          If you find yourself locked within the energy of fear, for any reason, there is a remedy. The course of the remedy is not always an easy one.  For, if you are already ensnared in the grasp of fear, the way out is to rise-up and face whatever is choking the life out of you.  The truth you will find is that once you face the energy of fear, resolute in resolving it, that which you once feared is not the inimitable force you once thought it to be for, you will be dancing in the rising-up, delighting in the resurrection of courage which now resides within thee.  When you see what there is to see, and know what there is to know, you will meet it, acknowledge it, and let it go.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Do not turn your head from what lies ahead.  Open your eyes and breathe deeply, until you feel the rising of the spirit, and the soul, and the heart within you.  What comes to thee is the way to walk.  Rejecting, denying, that will only cloud the truth.  I AM with thee so you might see what it is you are meant to see, know what it is you are meant to know, and grow in the doing of it, filling yourself with the light of courage, strength, and a resolute will.