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November 3, 2023

          When you come and dance with Me, when you sing with Me, allowing each note to ride upon The Wind, you will see how glorious life upon Earth can be.  You will not think about money, or possessions, or lack of any kind, you will toss back your head, and sing.  You will run over meadows and climb mountains just to see more than you have seen before.  You will walk through every door eager to see, eager to explore.  Living upon Earth will become the great spiritual adventure it is meant to be.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Listen and you will hear The Whisper from deep within, encouraging you to open to all that is with you.  When you do hear the words of encouragement you will find your way to living “in courage,” finding a way, each day to rise to every issue, every situation, hearing My words, guiding you from within.  I do not sit within you, with nothing to do.  My honor is to guide you in all things so you might live the present piece of eternity with you with confidence, in celebration of the great spiritual adventure which is yours.