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November 4, 2023

          If you are tempted to sadness, take a walk.  Even if it is raining, take a walk.  Breathe and walk, and change will soon begin settling in your heart.  You will feel loved.  You will feel it because it is coming to you from Me, as I am constantly loving thee.  Since I AM love it is easy to live, loving all I created.  In this recognition you will realize that you too cherish that which you created in love.  This constant state of affection is possible because love, once created, does not die.  It lives on, never ceasing, always growing.  Love is forever.  Once created, the energy will not die.  It cannot die, just as you cannot die, held within My love for you. 

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Pause before you journey deeper into sadness.  It is possible to alter the path, change your perspective, turning what seemed a daunting shadow into a rising sun of promise.