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November 5, 2023


          Understand that, with every thought, you are continuing creation.  Just as you create, you can also cease creating, or alter the creation, and move on.  You are the creator of your thoughts.  Give up attempts to place blame for your thoughts on others.  As thoughts come to you, allow them to come, then decide if you wish to continue the thought, beginning to sprout, as it is, or if you wish to create, nurture, and bring forth that which is courageous, and noble.  Thoughts begin as seeds.  Feed that which you wish to flourish, and the garden of your thoughts will be a place you seek to visit, often.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           You might be tempted to believe that the thoughts created within you have little meaning, are of little value.  That is not correct.  Your thoughts hold the same importance as the thoughts of others.  When your thoughts reach beyond the confines of your physical body, and move into the world around you, they touch other energies created, and do make a difference in the world.



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