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November 20, 2022

      I AM always, with you, within you, near to you, ever-loving you.  But just because I AM so close to you, and available for you, it does not mean that the connection is complete.  I can be, with you, but if you are not joining the connection, you are receiving less, than what is there for you to receive.  When our connection is complete, our wires are touching, our spiritual wires are connected.  You are full, and filled with life, and joy is complete.  But when there is a distraction, and you break the connection, then that, which you are receiving, seems less.  And the farther you go away, from the connection, you feel more solitary, alone.  But when you turn back, and are drawn to Me, our connection snaps into place, and all is right.  But just because you feel a disconnect, a loneliness, does not mean I AM not there.  In those times, it is for you to connect with Me, always present, waiting, just for you to make the connection with what is already, within you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

      You can have a supply source, at your home, but your lamp, sitting on the table, will not bring light, until you take the cord, and connect it to the source of the energy, the power, that is there, waiting to be used, waiting: to bring you electricity, energy; to bring the lamp to light; to bring your stove to create food, through energy; to keep your food cold, in the refrigerator, through energy.  The energy, the power, is already there, available.  But you must use a cord to connect to the source.  And it is the same, with you.  God is always there for you.  It is up to you to do the connecting to The Source.