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November 20, 2022



      “I AM with you.  Through all the distractions, of the day, through all the different tasks, and chores, and play, I AM, with you, ever-present.                                          


      “Living your life, upon Earth, is filled with challenges, and rewards, and excitement, and fun, and song, and dance, some sickness, too, sometimes sadness.  But then, the sadness rolls away, and you are joyful, once again.  It is all mixed-up, an experience of emotions, and energies.  But no matter what you are facing, during your lifetime, upon Earth, it is important to remember that The Creator of All Things is, with you, in you, near to you.  When you get caught-up, in all the adventure, of your life, upon Earth, it is easy to forget this truth.  And so, I will remind you.  God is ever-present, with you.  No matter what you are doing, God is there.  God is The Source of your eternal life.  God is The Source of all creation.  And The Source of all creation is, with you.  And the spark, and the energy, and the light, of creation is, with you, and within you.  And the power is enormous, within you.  But you must connect to The Source of this energy.  It is you, who must use, that which is with you, and within you.  The gift has already been given.  It is yours.  You can embrace it or, turn from it.  It is a free will choice.  Your spiritual wires, when they touch, when there is connection, there is a feeling beyond words, beyond description, beyond the vocabulary, of earthly beings, because you are united, with The Source of all that is.  But when you break your connection, and move farther, and farther away, from The Source, through personal choices, you feel alone, and solitary.  Even when The Source, of all energy of creation is, within you, still, when the connection is broken, you do not feel it.  It is as if you are cut off from God.  But the truth is, God is ever-present, with you.  It is you, who must make the choice, to make the connection, and bring forth the energy, and the light, the power, and the love, of God, actively.  This is a choice you make.

      “The energy of creation, and all that God, The Source of all things, has to offer you, will not be forced, upon you.  You must say, ‘I want this.  I wish to connect with this.’  Because, once that connection is secure, you know The Ways of God, because once again, they are, flowing, from The Source, through you.  And when others make the connection, with you, the energy of The Source, which is now, flowing through you, flows into them.  It is a connected chain, a link, back to The Source.  And, any time, you can disconnect, but The Source of all that is, of all that has been created, of all energy, and light, is always there.  Just reconnect, and feel The Presence of God, all about you, and within you, flowing through you, so you might see, and know, The Ways of God.”