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November 19, 2022



      You can learn much by going beyond the surface level of things, of people, too.  The outside bark, of a tree, can be gnarled, and rough, and it can be smooth.  But when you go, to the center of the tree, when you look at what is happening, beneath the surface, of the bark, there is a history, hidden, within.  There is water, flowing.  There is sap, flowing within.  There are rings to indicate the number of years the tree has lived.  And there is more, held within that tree, in its memory.  The tree is more than what it appears to be.  And it is the same with the Earth.  It is the same with the riverbeds.  It is the same with every plant.  It is the same with the minerals, of rocks, and crystals.  It is the same with human beings.  There is more, to see, beneath surface.  There is water, flowing, blood, flowing, rings that mark the age of the person, in different ways.  And there is history carried.  There is more, to see, beyond the surface, of every human being, of all that has been created.  Each carries the mark, the physical DNA, and the spiritual DNA, all rolled into one.  Look, beneath the surface.  There is more, to see, than what appears to be.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       The binding, of a book, might be beautiful, or simple, but you cannot know, what is within the book, the history, the story, the lives, between the covers, of a book.  You do not know, until you beyond the surface, of the cover, and go into each page.  Each page holds the energy of the writer, the creator, of the stories, in the book.  And if you are willing to go to the heart, of the book, you not only know the words, but you know their meanings, and you know the heart, and the thought, of the creator.  There is also The Book of Life.  Go there, too, so you know The Creator of Life.