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November 18, 2022



      No matter what you are seeking, you will find it, within you.  The direction, the guidance, the instructions, are all, within you, so that you might find what you are seeking.  This is why, it is possible: to knock, and the door opens, it is inside of you; to seek, and you shall find, it is inside of you.  Call My name, and I will answer you.  It is inside of you.  I AM, within you.  We are one.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It will take practice, to mark off some time, and go within, to find that, which you are seeking, that, which you need, because for so many years, you have sought, that, which you needed, in the outside world, around you.  But it is time for you to know where you can find all the answers.  And it is, within you.  The outside world changes.  The information, and that, which is considered knowledge, changes.  But that, which is in you remains the same, because it is specifically detailed, within you, to be what you need.  Go within, whenever there is a need.