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November 17, 2022



      How do others know you?  What is your presence, in the world today, saying?  When you live your life, upon Earth, every person, you encounter, has an opinion, of you, whether it is conscious or not.  So, as you go out in the world, make your mark, in such a way, that your riches are shown through compassion, understanding, charity, kindness, love.  Let your abundance flow to others, with gentle words, with deeds of caring, with taking the time to sit with those, who need an ear to hear their story, just for a while.  Be My breath, blowing over the Earth, kissing the cheeks, tenderly, of all encountered.  Let your mark be the sign of peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be kind.  It is easy to do when you set the intention to do it.  Be kind.  Every time, you are kind, it is as if you are putting something in a place of value.  When you are kind, you show you value whatever is receiving your gift of kindness.  And that is treasure, treasure you are giving, and treasure receiving.  Being kind is something that every individual upon the Earth can do.  There are no qualifications, except your desire to be kind.  So, be kind.  And there will be a ripple effect.  For, those who are touched with kindness, offer the same to others.  Your kindness grows.  Be kind.