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November 23, 2022


      The gifts, the spiritual gifts, you have been given, are as seeds.  You hold them, within you.  But when you decide to take them out, and use that, which has been given unto you, the seeds grow in value, as you hold the gifts, the seeds.  And when you begin to practice, using your gifts, it is as if you are planting these precious seeds, in the fertile garden, that is you.  And with attention, and intention, the seeds sprout, and the garden grows, and the fruits, from the gifts, are apparent, as you walk amongst your brothers and sisters.  And as you sit and speak with them, it is as if you are offering the fruits, of the gifts.  And when they accept the fruit, you have to offer, you have done that, which you are meant to do.  You have used your gift to feed others kindness, compassion, generosity.  When you spread these gifts, the fruits of the gifts are more valuable than you can imagine.  It holds its value.  It does not decrease in value.  Giving the gift, of the fruit of your gifts, is more precious than anything you can buy, because the seed, you chose to embrace, was raised-up in the garden of you, and you shared.  You ate from the fruits, and you passed the fruits out.  Feed the hungry.  So many long for a taste of love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Not every one can go to a store, and purchase a gift, that is very expensive, monetarily speaking.  It is limited to who can do that.  But there is not one person living, and breathing, upon the Earth, right now, that cannot pass the gift of love, and compassion, and understanding.  Seek to give the gift that lasts.  You cannot take shoes, or a coat, into The Kingdom, The Dimension of Perfection, you call Heaven.  But all the energy of love, and kindness, that is reverberating, in your spirit, goes with you.  It is a badge of what you have accomplished, while you walked upon the Earth.  And every person, upon the Earth, can do it.  All that is required is that you want to do it.


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