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November 24, 2022



      Be mindful not to let thank you become the empty two words.  You say it often, to those around you.  You say it often to Me.  Thank you.  But know what you are thankful for.  Complete the sentence.  “Thank you, for calling me today, and touching me, with your voice, and love.”  “Thank you, for helping me find the directions.”  “Thank you, for taking time to stop, and walk with me, a while.”  “Thank you, for your kind words.  I needed them today.”  Give thank you a reason for existing, even if it is small.  You drop something, a stranger, picks it up, and hands it to you.  And you say, “thank you.”  Extend it.  Thank you for taking the time to stop, and pick up, (whatever it was you dropped) and give it back to me.  You are honoring the giver in this way, more than the two words.  You are telling them why you are thankful.  And this will lead you to a state of gratitude, which remains upon your heart.  Know, and acknowledge, what another person did for you.  Acknowledge your dog.  “Thank you for being here for me.  I realize you are the one helping me.”  Speak to the dog.  Speak to the cat.  Speak to the tree.  “Thank you for being here.  You make it possible to breathe clean air.”  Speak to the rocks, with gratitude, upon your heart.  And let it be known why you are thankful.  This will lead you to a state of gratitude, which will change your life, immensely.  Speak it, so you know it.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you practice, saying, and speaking, of that which you are grateful for, teach your young ones to do the same.  You often teach them to say thank you, please.  But teach them to finish the sentence, because it begins their journey of gratitude, from a point of simply saying thank you to the place of expressing gratitude, and blessing another person, or another being, or another entity, or a mineral, anything of Mother Earth.  Thank the stars.  Thank the sun, and the moon.  But, speak it.