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November 25, 2022


      Do not waste your time, wondering, why other people do what they do, why another person says what they say.  This should not matter to you.  What should matter most, is what are you doing, from the inside out.  No matter what someone says to you, you can choose.  Do you respond in like, or do you permit, and allow, My love, that is, within you, to flow from you, blessing the entire situation?  Often, you will be tempted to react to something, someone said, or did.  Choose to love.  It will take some humility to put this into practice, many times, especially if you can concoct a witty retort, thus giving you the feeling of superiority, for a while, until they unsheathe their saber, and come back.  Then, you find yourself in a battle of wits, and words, meaning nothing, stoking the fires of ego, and arrogance, between two, or three, or four people, individuals.  It does nothing, but that.  Choose to love, no matter what is said, or done.  It appears, when you do this, that you take the lesser seat, but it is not true, in reality.  In reality, to those, who are willing to love, in the face of verbal combat, I give the first chair.  It might appear different, but it is true.  It is always best to let My love flow through, and resist, the temptation to go, into the arena of arrogance, and ego.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       The teaching to turn the other cheek, does not mean that you lay down and allow another to kick you, physically, or harm you, in any way.  When you have the opportunity to turn the other cheek, it very rarely has anything to do with the physical slap, or a punch.  It often has to do with what you might consider a verbal insult.  That is when we are talking about, turn the other cheek.  If you are willing to do this, when another is speaking to you, in a demeaning manner, if you will literally turn your cheek, you are turning your eyes, away from what they said, even though you are giving them your ear.  You hear it, but your eyes are elsewhere, your focus is elsewhere.  Your focus is on, “It stops with me.  I will not retaliate.”  You hear, and you know, but you turn, and let it all go to God.  It is that simple.  But you must practice.  Practice until it is a natural response, not a reaction.  It is done, with intention, and paying attention to The Ways of God.