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November 26, 2022


      I wish for you to have the full experience of living.  And as you are experiencing living, upon Earth, remember, that if you are breathing, on Earth, right now, you existed before your birth, upon Earth.  You are an eternal being.  Your eternal life will not cease.  You are created of the energy and light, of My love and power.  Do not think your time, your life, is limited to that which you are experiencing on Earth, right now.  No matter whether you are seven or ninety-seven, embrace what is with you now, as it is the experience for you, now.  There is no need to wonder what it would have been like, if you had this same experience when you were sixteen, or twenty-five.  The experience is intended for you, now.  Embrace it.  Embrace eternal life.  As you are in this flow let go of all the fear, and worry, and a desire to know, every step ahead, way ahead of its time.  Take each step, one at a time, take each experience, one at a time, and move on.  Today, no matter where you are, embrace the experience that is yours.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Watching a movie is entertaining.  You enjoy, seeing the characters move, from one plot to another.  It is the same with reading a book, reading about the characters, moving from one plot to another.  You are the main character, in the movie, that is your life.  And as you walk through each scene, you are drawing words, from The Book of Wisdom, that has already been written.  Live your life, with active participation, in the experience that is yours.  Do not find your fulfillment, watching others experience.  Embrace that which is yours.  Live the experience that is yours.  Talk about living, the experience, that is yours.  Write about it.  Do, so that you are not passive, in this part, this piece, of your eternal lifetime.  Make it count.  Make it count for something that is uniquely yours.  Do not exchange your experience for observing another’s.  Embrace the experience of today.