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November 27, 2022



      “I AM with you.  I reach-out My hand, and say, come.  Take My hand.  Walk with Me.  I will show you The Way.                                           


      “My life, upon Earth, held many examples, of how you can use your life, upon Earth, for the good, for helping those in need, for sitting with those, who are hungry, and thirsty, for conversation, for attention.  All of My time, upon the Earth, was not spent, performing miraculous deeds.  It is true, there were many miraculous deeds performed.  And the reason, for the performance, was so that those, watching might see, and know, the power of God, through that, which I did, through that, which I did, for the glory of God, not My glory.

      “Most of the time, I was, walking the countryside, or in the towns, and cities, growing up in a family, doing the normal, everyday, things, that one does, during your lifetime, upon Earth.  So, you see when you read about the statement, that I truly did make, that you can do everything I AM doing, and even greater things, I was not just talking about miraculous performance.  I was talking about living a life, of service to others.  I was speaking, of the simple deeds, the easy, gentle ways, in which you can touch someone, who is longing, for a gentle touch.  I AM speaking of the times when you can stop, and sit down, and listen, to someone who is ready, to open their heart.  I AM speaking of the times when you do not turn your head from one, that you might, at one time, have rejected; but that you smile, and speak.  I AM speaking of the times when you can gather some fruit, or some vegetables, to share, with others, who might not, at that time, have the money to buy any extras: the fruit, the vegetables.  And you share, and there is communion there. 

      “Hearts will be filled with thanksgiving, and you will live in a state of gratitude.  Yes, you, the provider.  You are providing, and that, too, should bring a song of thanksgiving, from you, that you can do so.  You live in a state of gratitude that you can do so.  And you, yourself, might find you have no extra money to purchase, to give, to others.  But you do have time.  You do have lips to speak.  You do have eyes to see.  You do have ears to hear.  And, you do have a heart to love.  You can do the work of God, even when you have very little yourself, because you are a treasure chest.  What you choose to give to another will be replenished, because it will flow from God to you.  It moves.  Once you release your love, to others, it begins, flowing through you, to another.  And the dam is broken, and it flows, in a mighty power, into you.  So, you have more love.  You have more charity, when you give it.  You have more compassion, when you give it.  You have more, when you give.  So, when you think of that statement, that you can do everything I did, and even greater, go to the smallest, to the simplest, to the way that each person, upon Earth, can do, all that I did, in the name of love, compassion, generosity, and kindness.  Go, and do all that I did.”