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November 27, 2022



      I wish for you to know the simple way, not getting caught-up in looking for the grand, the big, a way that you will heal the sick, or work other miracles.  Today, I want you to consider what the miracle of compassion, kindness, charity, and love, can do.  It stokes the fires, within others, inspiring them to rise-up, and be kinder, and more compassionate, gentle, considerate, loving.  Seek, to do: the small things; the kind words; the charitable deeds; the loving ways.  And you will soon find, by doing this, that you have created a sea of love.  Love, it is an energy, which comes from Me, which is the main ingredient, of the miracle, the miracle of life, of living.  Seek, to do those things you consider small.  They are, for each of you.  It only takes your intention to do so.  Each one of you can be kind, gentle, loving, charitable.  All of these deeds can be done, through you, through each of you.  And they will create a miraculous sea of hope, and trust, thanksgiving, and gratitude.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When a small child, of two, or three, reaches their tender hand toward you, you take it.  Often, it ends up with them, grasping your finger, usually the index finger.  And that is important.  As you walk, with that child, clutching your index finger, think that, that is the finger used, when you point the way for someone.  You set them on the right path.  “Which way should I turn?” the stranger asks, seeking direction.  And you point to the right street, and you say, “Go two blocks, and turn there, turn right there.”  The child instinctively reaches, and clutches, the index finger, which will show The Way.