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November 3, 2022



      You have been given gifts, The Gifts of The Holy Spirit.  And your gifts, are meant to help you, to assist you, as you move over the Earth, on your journey, on your mission.  If you could see your backup support, there would be no hesitation, within you, of going forward, immediately.  Just close your eyes, and envision, all of the support behind you.  Each of you has a guardian angel, or perhaps more than one, there, just for you, no one else, just for you.  I AM always with you.  I AM for you.  My Holy Spirit dwells, within you.  Within you.  You have seen the example of what is possible to do, when your Brother Jesus, walked upon the Earth, over two thousand years ago.  The reason, He said, you can do everything I AM doing, and even greater, was to encourage you to do it.  It was the truth, and it is the truth.  You can do.  And you have so much waiting, to be used, in the course of your journey, upon the Earth.  Do not doubt.  Do not be afraid.  Connect with those, that are surrounding you, to support you, and assist you, in your journey.  And, make it a glorious journey, the greatest adventure of your lifetime.  And you have support for it all, with you, now.  It is not being held from you.  It is not being put in a safe place, until you return to The Heavenly Dimension.  It is with you, now.  So, that prompting within, that desire, that calling, do it, and do it, using all that you have been given.  It is for you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       In the world, created by man, you prepare for certain tasks.  You gather your tools, or implements, your equipment.  Whatever you are going to need, to accomplish the task, you gather it.  You have it with you.  And sometimes, there are tools, which one of you might be able to afford, and another not.  So, the level, reached in accomplishing your goal, completing your task, could vary, depending on, if you can buy the best equipment, the best tools.  But the most important thing, that you will do, is to complete your mission upon Earth, the spiritual mission.  And each of you has equal opportunity.  You have all you need.  You have God.  You have angels.  You have spiritual gifts.  You have the example.  And I reside, within you, to guide you.  You cannot be as well equipped, in the world, created by man, as you are in the spiritual world.  Use what you have been given.  Go forth, without hesitation.  You are assured to complete your goal.  Use what you have been given.  It is all for you.